The Lost Wax Casting Process

A clay original is created by the artist

A mold must be created from silicone rubber and a mother mold material such as fiberglass or plaster


The finished mold

A wax is pulled from the mold and a cup and sprue system is developed.


A slurry material made of silica liquid, powder and sand is applied to the wax system.


The shell is then burned out in a furnace at 1650 degrees


The wax is melted out

Metal is being melted in the foreground while the shell is burned out in the background

The metal T1 is almost to 2150 degrees and the burnout furnace T2 at 1650 degrees

The shell being pulled out of burn out and placed in sand in a bucket



The bronze crucible lifted and placed in the shank, locked in and slag (impurities) removed.



The pour

The unfinished bronze with the shell broken off

The pieces are then separated, sandblasted, welded, shaped with a grinder and sanded before the patina process starts