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Madonna and Child
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The art of Gordon Little is a reflection of the rich and diverse culture of the West. A native Arizonan, Gordon has wandered the harsh cactus-laden deserts and mountains of the Southwest and hiked and fished the mountain streams of the Northwest.

   Growing up in the Sonoran Desert north of Phoenix, and living a short time in Tuba City and Flagstaff in and near the Navajo, Gordon studied the land, its wildlife, vegetation and peoples.

   The artist learned to love the solitude of the open spaces, the quiet beauty of the Navajos tending sheep and the hogans dotting the harsh and unbending desert. His most enduring child hood memories are of these mystical visions of nature in the Navajo Nation.

   “I can remember my father took me to a great canyon where a spirit of a ghost dancer would appear on the canyon wall. The place seemed as though it was paradise to me. There it was on the opposing cliff face, a woman dancing on her own. The moon would come through the rocks and create the shape of a woman on the wall. This left quite an impression on a five-year-old boy.”

   The impressions gathered from his youth, his own familial western heritage and many days spent in the wilds are the soul of his art.

   His family heritage is of western pioneers. On the maternal side his great grandfather rode on the Goodnight-Loving trail, and the family homesteaded ranches and trapped, hunted, and farmed in the area around Tres Lagunas, New Mexico. His father’s side of the family dates back to homesteaders in the Oklahoma Indian Territories.

   An avid backpacker, bow hunter, fisherman and skilled outdoorsman, Gordon knows of the struggles of life in the wilderness. His artwork captures the solitude, the grace and the strength of both man and wildlife. The beauty and strength of a largemouth bass breaking the water, an angler’s lure securely hooked in his mouth. An ornate silver fly in the mouth of a rainbow trout as it flips out of a stream. Both moments first carved in wax and clay, then cast in bronze with great attention to detail and anatomical accuracy.

   Both bronzes and watercolors depict Native Americans because of their closeness to the land and their culture: the usually stoic Navajo woman grinning with joy as she holds her grandchild high and the Indian woman with a bundle of wood struggling towards home through the snow.

   The subjects of his art all show inner strength and solitude. A mountain man shielding himself under a log from a winter storm, an Indian woman near a pool of water, the Indian pueblo built solid to endure through the centuries.

   There are few artists as diversified and who explore as many different mediums. Gordon’s art is exhibited in bronze, watercolors, and paper sculpture.

   Gordon studied under Winthrop Williams at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, a university known for its large bronze foundries. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and had his work already placed in a Scottsdale, Arizona gallery before graduation. Since then, his work has been shown in galleries in Sedona, Flagstaff, and Scottsdale, Arizona, and Dallas, Texas. Gordon now resides in the Suquamish Nation tribal lands in western Washington. Though different from the desert southwest, the region offers the same wilderness opportunities only a few hundred yards away from the home. 

   Gordon’s point of view as an artist is a pure and honest interpretation of his world, from the arid deserts of the Navajo nation to the Olympic mountain region and land of the Suquamish Nation. Explore the art of Gordon Little

Gallery Affiliations

Troy's Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona

Housang's Galleries, Dallas, Texas

Old Towne Gallery, Flagstaff, Arizona

Crimson Shadows, Sedona, Arizona

Blue Water Gallery, Poulsbo, Washington